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Seaport - Quality Assurance Program

EGI Quality Management Plan

Eclipse Group Inc. (EGI) strives to provide exceptional service that is both predictable and consistent across all of our service lines. EGI’s Quality Management Plan (QMP) is implemented to ensure compliance with contract requirements.

Senior management institutes policies and procedures that define company behavior. These management directives cover our expectations for quality of service, adherence to contract requirements and corporate responsibility to the safety and protection of the personnel, property and the environment. These company objectives are communicated at all levels of our organization.

Each individual within the organization must understand his or her individual responsibilities under the QMP framework. The results of each activity at any level are planned and verifiable.

Our organization must be responsive to ever changing business and environmental conditions, which may adversely affect safety and performance. Risks are identified by periodic review, and policies and procedures evaluated and modified.

EGI’s Quality Management Plan has been established to ensure quality through every aspect of contract execution and performance. The design goal of the program is the early detection and the rectification of discrepancies in our procedures. Documentation of employee accountability through each phase of performance allows for transparency so that the customer may monitor our performance.

EGI leverages two distinct quality process control systems to ensure the right solution is delivered the first time, on time and on budget. These systems fall into two different categories of quality control:

  • Quality Assurance (QA) activities include a planned system of review procedures conducted by personnel not directly involved in the item/project.
  • Quality Control (QC) is a system of procedures and checks conducted by the project team to control the quality of the project as it is being developed.

Quality is the result of a cooperative partnership between the providers of project development services and those responsible for Quality Assurance. Project teams, led by the Project Manager, providing project development services must implement Quality Control procedures to ensure that products and services meet or exceed expectations. EGI is responsible for Quality Assurance and must review or audit these products and services to ensure the team’s Quality Control efforts are achieving desired results. Quality Assurance and Control extend to EGI’s DCAA approved cost accounting structure enables complete visibility of project burn rates, project expenses and project budget vs. actual tracking for each project down to the task level. EGI uses check and balances and through our system of dashboard tracking and system alerts, project financial health is transparent and critical project information is readily available 24/7 to all PMs.

The overall outcome of these efforts is continuous improvement in the ongoing quest for the highest quality engineering products and technical reports with the most efficient use of resources. The Project Managers and designated task managers have the technical expertise and experience to implement and oversee our Quality Control process. Our continuous internal training program is designed to indoctrinate new employees and to reinforces these procedures throughout the company in order to ensure compliance.