Subsea Operations

Our core capability is conducting deep-water operations using remote technologies for mission specific projects.

Our subsea services include but are not limited to:

Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV) Operations

EGI currently operates one SMD Quasar Mk II and one Triton XLS ROV system, both of which are 150 Hp and rated to 3,000 meters.  In the near future we will expand our capability to include 6,000 meters work-class ROV systems.

Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles (AUV) Operations

EGI operates a 1,500-meter rated Bluefin 12” AUV that supports both our search and survey projects.

Eclipse Group (EGI) offers our services to the following industries and activities:

  • Oil and gas Exploration
  • Renewable Energy
  • Biological & Oceanographic Sampling
  • Subsea Mining
  • Aviation and Marine Accident & Forensic Investigations
  • Sub-sea Cable Installation & Maintenance Support
  • Sensor Array Installations

Notable Contract Awards and Projects of 2013

  • In April 2013, EGI was awarded a 3-year IDIQ contract by the Naval Undersea Warfare Center  (NUWC) located in Newport, Rhode Island.  EGI is tasked to provide logistical at-sea support to include ROV, AUV, vessel and aircraft operations.
  • In July 2013, EGI successfully recovered the black box and other components, critical to the investigation of an F-16I lost in the Mediterranean Sea at a depth of 230 meters.
  • In August 2013, we returned to the Mediterranean Sea for the recovery of an object at a depth of 900 meters.

As EGI expands, we will continue to add additional assets, and resources to better serve our clientele.