Support Vessels

Choosing the appropriate support vessel is a critical element for a success operation and choosing the wrong vessel provider can result in a financial disaster for your project.

Several factors need to be considered when contemplating both a vessel and the owner / operator.

  • Is the vessel suitable and appropriate for my requirement?
  • Will I get a commitment when I need a vessel?
  • Is the vessel owner committed to providing equipment and services that will result in a successful operation?

Eclipse Group Inc. (EGI) has teamed with vessel owners with whom we have an established history and working relationship. EGI has sought out fleet owners who place an emphasis on superior service over everything else. EGI’s vessel team provides global geographic coverage and a comprehensive range of vessels for subsea operations.

EGI’s vessel philosophy is to provide scheduling and price commitments so that our customers are able to plan their operations and not be vulnerable to market conditions.

We are able to offer, either as EGI-controlled assets or on a preferential basis, the following vessel types in the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean.

United States

Pacific DP I Multi-Purpose Vessels

  • 180 ft. Survey / ROV support / 12t crane


DP III Multi-Purpose Vessels

  • 92.2 m Construction / 50t crane

DP II Multi- Purpose Vessels

  • 88.8 m Survey / ROV support / 75t crane
  • 88.8 m Survey / ROV support / 75t crane
  • 80.7 m Survey / ROV support / 35t crane / 25t crane / 25t A-Frame / Tow Winch
  • 75 m Survey / ROV support

DP I Multi- Purpose Vessels

  • 61.7 m Survey / ROV support / Tow Winch

Non-DP Support Vessels

  • 45m Survey Vessel 10t A-Frame
  • 30m Survey Vessel 10t Crane

EGI offers the following vessel related services:

  • Vessel Hire

To ensure that we have the best options where and when they are needed, EGI is expanding these relationships to include joint ownership of additional vessels. 

Sample specifications may be downloaded from the top left menu, please contact us for specific requirements.