Soil Machine Dynamics - SMD

Meet Our New Teammate! - Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD)

Eclipse Group is pleased to introduce our new teammate, Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd (SMD), one of the world's leading manufacturers of remotely operated underwater intervention equipment for use in hazardous environments.


SMD provides proven subsea trenching, burial, tooling and work-class remote operated vehicles solutions to both commercial and government customers worldwide.

The reliability of SMD products and a reputation for unparalleled customer support has elevated SMD to preferred supplier status to many of the world’s largest navies including the United Kingdom, United States and Russia.

From its academic roots, SMD was founded in 1971 and over a 43-year period has grown to approximately 500 employees occupying three distinct engineering and manufacturing facilities located in and around Newcastle, UK. SMD’s regional offices, located both in the United States, Brazil and Singapore provide a strategic global presence.

SMD is dedicated to engineering, manufacturing and customer support for each of unique business streams that include:

  • Military applications
  • Submerged Mining and Marine Renewable Energy
  • Telecommunications
  • Oil and Gas


SMD employs a dedicated research and development team focusing on the development of new technologies, products and systems ensuring SMD’s growth and premier position as the leader in remote intervention equipment!

In June of 2014, Eclipse Group Inc. and SMD have entered into an exclusive teaming agreement giving additional depth of capability and service to EGI’s US government customers.

Under this agreement EGI is the exclusive representative to the US Navy for SMD proprietary products and technology for it subsea trenching, tooling and burial. This technology is a critical element for the successful installation of subsea cables for port security, communications and remote sensing capabilities.

SMD will support EGI’s efforts for both existing EGI government and commercial contracts and new opportunities and requirements. This agreement also allows EGI direct access to both existing and future proprietary SMD technology developments that will augment EGI’s own in-house assets and capabilities.

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