Depth of experience equips us to respond to unique subsea challenges

When time is of the essence or the stakes are high, our global clients rely on us to provide vital subsea expertise and resources, while upholding the highest standards of safety and professionalism. Through our global partners, Eclipse Group has preferential access to Dynamically Positioned (DP) deep-water dive support vessels, supporting equipment and staging yards, enabling our team to quickly mobilize and support high-priority missions.

Technical highlights from our teams’ past experience include the execution of search, investigation and recovery operations of six major civil aviation airliners, numerous military aircraft, two spacecraft, one military submarine and several historic shipwrecks. Each operation presented it own unique challenges. Our team responded to each operation with specialized experience and technology resulting in a successful operation.

Our experience sets us apart from the competition!

Technical Past Experience

  • 2011 - Recovery of Air France Flight 447
    Depth 3,900 meters
  • 2010 - Search and Inspection AHS CENTUAR
    Depth 1,200 meters
  • 2009 - Search and Recovery Yemeni Air Airbus 310
    Depth 1,200 meters
  • 2007 - Search and Recovery Adam Air, Boeing 737
    Depth 1,400 meters
  • 2005 - Search and Recovery Tunic ATR – 72
    Depth 1,450 meters
  • 2003 - Search and Recovery USN F-14 Tomcat
    Depth 3,200 meters
  • 2003 - Search and Recovery USN SH 60 Helicopter
    Depth 2,900 meters
  • 2000 - RMS Titanic Inspection
    Depth 3,700 meters
  • 2000 - Search and Recovery of a IAF F-16
    Depth 1,400 meters
  • 2000 - Search and Recovery of H-2 Rocket
    Depth 3,400 meters